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Who has the right to get a Freemium account ?

If you are a professional photographer, you can request a FREE Freemium account on picyoo.

Comparative Table

Gratuit Premium Gold Freemium
Resolution 2M 5M Original size 5M
Compression 75% 80% 100% 80%
Videos No 60MB 300MB Non
Advertise Yes No No Yes
Prices Free 1,99€/month 4,99€/month Free

The Freemium account is a free account approaching the Premium.

Its difference is to offer better pictures, essential for professional photographers.

Why this advantage ?

Picyoo was created to provide a quality service to all.

Today industry professionals are an important vector in terms of image for the site.

So is quite normal to grant them an advantage to using picyoo.

How do I get an account ?

First you must have created a free account and then simply send an email to 2015-10-01 121834.png specifying the following information: :

Name :

First name:

Sociale name :


Warning: the sending of the email address must be that of the account picyoo.