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To create a blog, you must first know how to create an album and place photos. For this visit the two following help pages:



Convert the album to a blog

After the album is created, you can either right click on it :

2016-01-13 103755.png

either select it, then click the "Convert the album in blog" button :

2016-01-13 103830.png

In the window that appears, you must first enter the title and the name of your blog :

2016-01-13 103849.png

then click on share this folder.

Then go see the result by going to the address chosen (eg

Post pictures

On your blog picyoo, you can post photos or videos (Access Premium and Gold).

To do this, open the folder converts blog. Its icon appears green :

2016-01-12 145924.png

Display the desired photo by clicking on it and then click on the bar on the T icon to change its publication :

2016-01-12 150104.png

In the window that appears, fill in the title and description.

Change the background image and the cover image

The cover image is displayed on all pages of the website on the top left.

You can put your logo for example.

To change the image or the background image, add in the blog of the desired image file.

Then, as before, display the image and click T to change its publication.

You can then choose how the image is used. Cover or background:

2016-01-13 103917.png

The image will then be used as background or as a cover, but it will not be displayed in the blog thread.

It is not worth giving it a name or description.